My Little Unknown Film Industry Profession

Many people are often intrigued when I tell them I do production accounting for film and television. Film industry jobs are often thought to be just the on set crew like hair, makeup, wardrobe, and camera departments – most people forgetting or not even knowing production office staff exist! Well, let me tell you – if you see a movie set full of trailers and busy crew doing their thing, there is a production office not far away staffed with a ton of hardworking individuals in charge of making sure that set runs smoothly – and an accounting department within that production office tracking the budget each department is spending to make the movie happen! For the past five years, I have chased this job through different states, starting as a payroll clerk, then moving to an AP clerk, then bumping up to a 2nd assistant accountant which allowed me to join the Iatse Union Local 161, inclusive of production coordinators, production accountants and script supervisors. Now, as I approach my thirties and have spent the last few years becoming a seasoned 2nd assistant accountant, I am finally feeling ready to start making moves towards moving up to a 1st assistant accountant, which is the final leap before actually earring the title of production accountant.

While it may seem like the film making process is all glitz and glamor, many people have no idea how much work truly goes into making a movie happen. Long and strenuous hours on set, working in crazy weather conditions, life on the road away from friends and family for months on end, eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with the same people everyday (and sometimes sleeping with them too, ha!) or the getting close to people then always having to say goodbye because every project comes with an end date. The constant hustle of living a freelance lifestyle and chasing that next job can sometimes leave you exhausted and feeling very alone and isolated at the end of the day. That is one reason I wanted to start this blog, to share insight and give others some real perspective on what it is like being a young female, chasing the film and music industry and my career throughout the country while trying to maintain some “normalcy” and stability in my relationships and personal life. I have packed up my car several times to relocate for a job, got on a plane and traveled halfway across the country by myself with little money and a ton of determination and with every movie or television project I do, no matter how difficult, I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have found my niche in production accounting. Growing up, I always dreamt of seeing my name in the credits of a movie, and today I can say I have seen my name in the credits of one of the biggest movies in the world. Getting to be a part of films like The Purge, The Fate Of The Furious, and Avengers have been a dream come true for me. To wake up every day and love your job is a rarity that not many people can say they get to experience, and for that, I am beyond blessed and grateful. 

Check out my IMDb page for more of the movies I have been a part of and definitely feel free to reach out in the comments below if you have any questions or want more insight on film industry jobs or my little unknown profession!

** In no way does this career category of my blog violate any of my NDA’s for my jobs, its purely entertainment and lifestyle, career advice and the travel aspect of living life on location while navigating the film and music industries as a freelancer.**

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