Discovering LA – The best view of the iconic Hollywood sign

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Los Angeles is known for many things, including its great weather, fantastic beaches, insane amounts of traffic, and of course, the booming entertainment industry that calls it home. Growing up, I always dreamed of visiting LA and seeing the iconic Hollywood sign up close. A landmark representing not only an industry but a lifestyle full of rich possibilities. Los Angeles is a city that’s attracted people for decades with the idea of reinvention and endless opportunity. Regardless of how much the city has developed and changed over the years, high up in the hills overlooking the magnificent landscape is a sign whose message has always remained the same – that magic happens there, and its a place where people can make their dreams come true.

On my first trip to LA, I made the mistake of spending way to much time in the car, driving around aimlessly and pulling over several times to google the best spots to get a picture with the iconic Hollywood symbol. So, let me save you the time and trouble and let you in on a little secret that a movie-making friend of mine who lives in LA told me – the best location to get a great photo with the famous Hollywood sign is Runyon Canon Park.

With several hiking trails, sweeping city views, and LA’s most popular dog park, Runyon Canyon is an excellent place for those who like to get out and explore nature. Trail options for hikers range from beginner to challenging, allowing you to choose how hard you want your workout to be. Dogs are often seen running off-leash, and its a great place for families to spend an afternoon together outside of the house and away from the television.

If hiking isn’t really your thing and you’d rather throw on some cute shoes for a fabulous photo op, drive up to the north side of Fuller Avenue where you can find free street parking if you arrive early and a short walk up to the sign. Bring lots of water because it definitely gets hot, and it is very easy to become dehydrated. For hikers, I’d recommend bringing along the Kemier Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle, which you can get for only $12.95 on Amazon by clicking the link I have provided. It’s great for travelers and fitness enthusiasts since it easily folds up when it’s empty so that it can fit neatly in your bag or even in your pocket without taking up a ton of space. Both the park and hiking trails tend to get crowded quickly, so arrive early with your camera ready and brace yourself for some great people-watching, incredible views and the best spot to get a picture with the most famous sign in Los Angeles.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Mae West


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