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The makeup brushes you absolutely must have in your collection

With a good brush every women can be an artist.

I am a huge fan of Sephora products. I love their makeup, and I love that they are a brand that speaks to women. As a woman, there is just nothing better than feeling beautiful, confident, and sexy, and Sephora brings out all of that in their products.

Every girl knows good skin is the greatest foundation for your makeup. Good brushes are one of the things I think a lot of people tend to overlook the real importance of when it comes to makeup. A lousy brush can clog up your pores and irritate your skin. Before you go out and splurge on some overpriced product that you want just for the designer name, or some cheap set that’s going to be harmful to your face, put some thought into the brushes you choose to use and thoroughly do your research. There are a ton of different brands and products out there, so be smart and educate yourself on what exactly it is your buying and using on your skin.

Sephora carries a wide variety of fantastic brush kits and collections available for purchase in-store and online. Of all the brush collections I have used over the years, the Sephora Collection Ocean Crush Brush Set is by far one of the best. For under $40, you get five fabulous fan-shaped brushes that can be used for your powder, highlighter, concealer, shadow, and smudging. 

The powder brush is excellent. It is large and feels good on the skin. It’s also great for blending cheek highlights, bronzer and applying flawless powder.

The shadow and smudge brushes are great for mixing colors and applying concealers. They have the softest bristles and are gentle to the skin around the eye area, which tends to be a sensitive spot for a lot of women since the eyes have thinner skin and often need a softer approach to avoid damage. The less harm you can do to your skin in the long run, the better.

The seashell design is fun, and the turquoise and purple color scheme are beautiful. I cannot lie; these brushes make me feel like a mermaid.

The fan shape is unique, and I love how easily they clean when you are done using them. Dirty brushes can transmit germs and accelerate the process of wrinkles, so it’s essential to keep them clean so they will last longer and keep from spreading germs.

Overall, these brushes feel great on my skin, and I highly recommend them! I would say from personal experience that if you spend a little more money and invest in good brushes for your collection, you will see immediately it makes all the difference in the way you wear your makeup. This set is a must-have that any makeup lover out there should have in their brush collection.

“You cannot achieve good makeup without good tools.” – Francois Nars

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