Hidden hot spots – one of Utah’s most unique hot spring experiences

Take a swim and relax inside one of Utah’s most unique geothermal pools

It was my last 48 hours of working on location in Park City, Utah, for The Paramount Networks hit television show Yellowstone. I had been there for two months, and luckily I had found enough time outside of the office to check off everything on my to-do list that I created for all the attractions I wanted to experience while I was working out there. With 48 hours remaining before I was to be traveling home to Atlanta, I had done everything except for the one thing at the top of my list – swim in a hot spring. It was my only thing left to do, that I could not do once I got home to Georgia, so I knew I had no choice but to venture out and find one of those fantastic natural wonders that I have heard so many people rave about.

Utah has a ton of natural hot springs scattered throughout the state, but in all of my research, the one that jumped out to me the most was The Homestead Crater. Located in Midway, Utah is an incredibly unique 55ft beehive-shaped limestone crater housing an all-natural mineral hot spring. The hole at the top of the crater allows in fresh air and sunlight while the inside keeps warm with water temperatures between 90-96 degrees Fahrenheit. Both locals and tourists from all over the world come to visit the crater each year to experience the warm mineral water and to take in the beautiful sight of this amazing rock formation.

Even though I was hesitant to swim alone, I knew I would be incredibly disappointed if I had left Utah without experiencing swimming in a hot spring. So, I mustered up the courage to throw on my swimsuit and headed out to Midway by myself. You do not have to swim to experience the crater either. If swimming isn’t your thing, guests can take themselves on self-guided tours. However, for those who genuinely want to experience something different, do not hesitate to throw on your bathing suit and for only $16, get forty minutes to indulge in one of Utah’s most incredible natural wonders.

Once you arrive and get checked in, you are directed inside the crater, where you’ll find a few stalls for guests to change into their swimwear easily. There are also lockers provided for you to store your belongings while you are swimming. Life jackets are given to all visitors and are mandatory to wear while inside the crater. Once you walk down and into the cavity itself, there are docks built to sit and hang your feet off of the edge, or you can use the step ladders provided which lead down into the warmest, most transparent mineral water I have ever seen.

I sat down on the edge of one of the docks and let my feet touch the water first. It was unbelievable. It felt like I was stepping into a hot tub; only I was inside a giant cave situated in the middle of the mountains. I looked around to be sure, but there were no pumps or generators anywhere. Nothing was heating the water aside from mother nature. It was incredible. Looking down into the blue abyss, you could see everything, but there was nothing there. The crater is to warm to house sea life, so there were no fish or anything swimming around. Just a hole full of clear, beautiful warm water and walls that looks like crusted diamond. The water felt great on my skin and was instantly relaxing. The moment I submerged myself fully in the water, I laid back to float, looking up out of the peep hole in the top of the crater to the beautiful blue sky above. It was simply magical.

Fun fact – The Homestead Crater is the only warm scuba diving destination in the United States! So, if you are someone who likes to dive or snorkel, then the crater would be one of the coolest places that you could go to breathe underwater.

Wither you want to swim, dive, snorkel or sit peacefully and hang your feet into the water while gazing up to appreciate the beauty of the rock formation, The Homestead Crater is an absolute must-see for anyone visiting Utah and looking for a truly unique experience. It is not something you see every day and not something you can do everywhere. Most other hot springs you find are not situated deep inside a cave, making this experience truly one of a kind! Swimming at The Homestead Crater is a memory I will never forget, and I cannot wait to go back for more.

Visit their website for crater hours, directions, and pricing, plus any additional information you may want or need to help you plan your perfect trip to Midway’s best attraction, The Homestead Crater.

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