Get gorgeous oceanfront views in Panama City Beach, FL, for only $59!

If you love the beach as much as I do, then you know Panama City Beach is one of Florida’s best vacation destinations. Living landlocked in Georgia always has me wanting to run south for some relaxing beach time every chance I get and since PCB is only a five-hour drive from ATL, it makes for a perfect weekend getaway destination.

Staying directly on the beach can be expensive, so being on the lookout for good deals is always essential. With as much as I love to travel, I am always on the lookout for the best places offering discounts and great deals on hotel stays. I recently found myself in need of some R&R, so I got online and did some research on the best places with oceanfront suites in Panama City Beach, FL. To my surprise, there were many places to stay relatively cheap in this small beach town, and after reading several reviews and weighing my options, I made my decision and booked a weekend at Casa Loma. I was a bit skeptical about booking a room for only $59.00 per night, but I figured I would not be spending much time in the room anyway, and Casa Loma promised oceanfront views and direct beach access for a great price, so I was sold.

When I arrived at Casa Loma, I was delighted! I could not wait to throw my bags down and get my feet in the warm white sand. I checked in, and the front desk staff was very warm and inviting. They gave me the keys to a standard second-floor room with both pool and ocean views and a balcony. For those people looking for a longer term stay, the hotel also offers standard rooms with kitchens and also two bedroom suites. I headed up the stairs and unlocked the door to find a clean, spacious room with two double beds, a bathroom with a stand-up shower, a mini-fridge, and a television. I could barely pay attention to the details of the room because I was so sucked in by the beautiful views outside the window. I could not get enough of those turquoise blue waters that made me feel like I was back in the Carribbean. I went straight outside to the balcony to take it all in.

I got situated in the room, then grabbed my bathing suit and headed for the beach. The hotel provides direct beach access, which was the best. No lugging anything a far distance or having to run a mile back to go the bathroom – everything was so close and easy to navigate. Through the pool area, you can step directly out onto the sand and dive right into the ocean. The water was perfect. I laid out a towel and took in some sun. I people watched and focused on relaxing my mind and body in the sand, enjoying the salty smell of the ocean in the air, and letting the stress wash away with the waves.

The night staff at the hotel were friendly, and provided extra towels and soaps when I asked for them. They also gave great recommendations on local places to experience while I was in town. With Casa Lomas great central location, there were plenty of restaurants and bars close by, so getting out for a bite to eat and some drinks was incredibly easy. Two nights of this was all I needed to feel refreshed, and I got back to Atlanta feeling renewed.

Overall, Casa Loma was a fantastic stay. For an older, smaller hotel on the beach, it was a lovely weekend stay. The hotel provides everything you need for a great weekend getaway. At an incredibly affordable rate like $59 per night, you cannot go wrong. Its friendly, comfortable and in a great location. It offers million dollar views at a price almost anyone can afford. The hotel is always running great specials too, with offers and discounts on nearby attractions like golfing, park admissions and watersports. I highly recommend Casa Loma to anyone looking for a wonderful place to stay in Panama City Beach, Florida.

“I followed my heart, and it took me to the beach.” – Elle Davida

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