The Truth About Desire, Mexico’s Sexiest Couples-Only, Erotic Vacation Destination

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Let me start by saying that I am someone who loves to keep an open mind, think outside the box, and try new things. I love to travel and explore new places, meet new people, and do the things that not everybody else is doing. I like a good unique, unusual experience.

I was sitting at my desk one day back in August while working on Paramount’s “Coming 2 America” and was trying to decide which beach I wanted to hit for vacation one I wrapped work on the film. I try and go somewhere new at the end of every movie since I love to travel, and freelancing allows me the freedom to do so in-between jobs. So, when I got home from work that evening, I jumped on my computer, and I went on the hunt for a good deal on an all-inclusive beach vacation.

Last year when I got the opportunity to tour musically for the first time, I got to visit Barcelona, Spain. I was having a drink at a beach bar on our first afternoon there, and while looking around, I realized none of the women on the beach were wearing tops. It was my first time experiencing a topless beach, so I was a little taken back. Still, as I sat there and observed, I realized how liberating it must be for those women to be outside by the ocean and be able to sunbathe topless or lay nude on the beach without it being a problem. There was no judgment, and nobody made any fuss. It was just a normal thing for them. I sat there and remembered thinking to myself, “one day, I want to be nude on a beach because that looks so freeing!” Like a lot of women, though, I am very shy and self-conscious about my body, so being nude in public was not something I ever even considered until I went to Spain and saw that freedom for the first time.

While I was surfing the web for a good vacation package, I came across a site advertising adult, couples-only vacations, and I thought, “Yes! No screaming kids around, just adults having a good time, relaxing at the beach. That sounds nice.” There is nothing worse than when you are trying to relax, and kids are running around playing, screaming, or crying. I also thought to myself, “a couples-only vacation would be geared towards my man and me, so why not book something with a focus on us being away together as a couple?” I clicked the link, and it brought me directly to the website for “The Desire Experience,” an adults-only, couples-only, clothing-optional, all-inclusive beach vacation in Cancun, Mexico – but with a twist. The resorts main “attraction” and what makes it truly unique is its open emphases on fantasy, desire, and sex. It attracts couples from all over the world who want to indulge in a sexier vacation than the average.

Let me also say, Desire is not cheap compared to a lot of other Mexico vacations you can take. It costs real money to go there, and enjoy yourself. Here is the key to getting a great deal at Desire – You need to book your trip in advance! I booked a December vacation in August, and my package came with a few great perks because I did it with so much notice. When you book your vacation sixty days in advance, they reward you with a gift, giving you a choice between a romantic dinner for two, a 25-minute relaxing couples massage, a special order of strawberries and chocolate delivered to your room, or even complimentary one-way airport transfers. I booked ninety days in advance and was given an additional promo code to use upon checkout, awarding me with two gifts! I went with the one-way airport transfer and the 25-minute relaxing couples massage. Both were excellent choices and allowed me to save money on transportation and spa services.

We had a short three-hour flight from Atlanta to Cancun. After clearing airport security, we grabbed our bags and exited the airport to find our transportation to take us to the resort. The resort representative had sent us all of the necessary confirmations and instructions we needed on navigating the airport so we could easily find our driver and be on our way to the resort with no time wasted. Desire used USA transfers when booking our complimentary one-way transfer, and we had a private ride from the airport to the resort in a van. USA Transfers has an app you can download, making it easy to confirm pickup and contain all your transfer information. It was a quick twenty five minute drive from the airport to the resort. I had read somewhere online that Desire was located at the very end of this long janky road, surrounded by crocodile waters with signs explicitly telling you to stay away. It was precisely that. It was at the end of this long, dirt road with water and trees on both sides, nothing else, for miles. It is very secluded, but once you reach the end of the road and turn into the resort past security, it had all the luxury of a 4.5-star resort in Mexico.

The resort was beautifully elegant and sophisticated in its architecture and design. The lobby isn’t huge, but the sleek and modern style is inviting. The staff were warm and friendly from the first interaction. The lobby is one of the only places in the resort, aside from its restaurants, that clothing is mandatory. Outside of those two places, the resort is clothing optional, allowing you to be as covered or naked as you want to be. It’s a judgment-free zone with a focus on a body-positive image. No cameras or photo taking are allowed at the resort when others are around. We were greeted by the bellhop who took our bags and pointed us to guest services who checked us in right away. There was no wait. While at guest services, a waitress brought us over a cold towelette and a glass of sparkling champagne to welcome us to the resort. After being checked in, the resort agent branded us in yellow resort bracelets, which are to be kept on throughout your stay. Yellow meant first-timers or “fresh meat,” another resort guest told me in conversation. After we got our room keys, we then sat with Ana, a concierge agent at the resort who was more personal with us and let us know she could be contacted at any point throughout the trip to book us dinner reservations, private requests, or anything additional during our stay. She did request to schedule a forty-five-minute meeting the day before departure to go over the resorts premier membership, which we politely declined.

We were shown to our room, a Jacuzzi garden suite I had upgraded to because it was a good deal at the time of booking. The room had more space then the resorts standard rooms, and who doesn’t want a private jacuzzi in their bedroom while on vacation in Mexico? It was great! I have zero complaints. The king bed with pillars was comfortable and felt luxurious. The room decor was simple, but it worked fine for what we needed for four nights. It was spotless inside, and housekeeping at the resort was great about coming daily and cleaning and restocking everything. We had a large stand-up glass shower in our bathroom with a rainfall showerhead and excellent water pressure. Trying to get the water temperature right was a little tricky, but we managed to do our best in figuring out how to work it properly. Our jacuzzi tub was in between our bedroom and bathroom and was mirrored all around it. It was big enough for 4-6 people, and we loved having it right inside our bedroom, all to ourselves. If you visit this resort, I recommend a jacuzzi suite. We didn’t find the resorts rooftop jacuzzi to be as fun since we are a little bit more reserved as a couple. That area is one of the two public areas where sexual acts are allowed, and couples tend to swap partners, so having a private hot tub directly in your room still allows you the swim without all of the share!

The resort has a ton of activities and things to keep you busy and entertained onsite, outside of just having sex all day. During the morning and afternoon there are a ton of things going on that you can get involved in, like beach or poolside volleyball games, yoga, dance lessons, fashion shows, group games, and on Fridays they even throw a pretty wild foam party, with loud music, dancing, fun floaties and a ton of soapy bubbles all over the place. It was something I am so glad I got to witness! There is also an excellent gym for use 24/7 and a luxurious spa where you can book a fabulous massage or relaxing body treatment.

Included in your stay are also a few non-motorized water sports, like snorkeling, paddle boarding, and sailing lessons, which you can take daily. There is always something fun going on at the pool, though. I learned on day one that you want to get up early and get out there if you wish to reserve one of the good beach or poolside cabanas. Fernando was the beach attendant in charge of oceanside cabanas and was such a sweet guy. I told him we would be there for four days, and although you do need to reserve a cabana daily, he made sure that all four days we got to keep our same great spot on the beach.

The resorts rooftop hot tub is a whole experience in itself. Being that sex is allowed in this public area, you never know what to expect when you reach the top of the stairs. The rooftop area is a great size and has beautiful ocean views. The hot tub is large and could easily fit 30 people at a time. The water was warm without being too hot for the already warm Mexico weather. The tub boasts a swim-up bar and also steps out to a large outdoor glass shower for anyone who likes to be watched while they rinse off. Since it opens at 1 pm, this area of the resort is excellent during the day if you are looking to escape the party scene at the pool for a quieter, more relaxing atmosphere with your partner. We saw couples getting frisky in the cabanas once the sun went down, which is when this rooftop hot spot really tends to heat up. At night, they play loud music, the drinks are flowing, people bring out their most risky attire, if any at all, and this is when what Desire really shines for shines the brightest.

On our last day at the resort, we opted for a poolside cabana instead of being on the sand, and the pool attendant in charge of seating allowed us to take a premier members spot, giving us prime seating for the day’s festivities on the private poolside gazebo. It was awesome! The Desire pool is a great size and has a beautiful swim-up bar with fast and friendly service. Not once at Desire did we have to wait long for a drink. The bartenders are all about top quality service and making sure they make you feel like you are on vacation. Drinks happen as early as 9 am poolside, and at 1 pm, if you want to opt-out of the party and head somewhere a little more quiet with your partner, the rooftop jacuzzi overlooking the ocean has incredible views and is one for the books.

The food as Desire was a lot better then I had expected. I have been to other resorts in the past where the food is hit or miss, but I was pleasantly surprised and happy with the quality and selection of the food and beverages offered. The resort staff makes it a priority to ensure you are satisfied with meals and are accommodated accordingly. If you enjoy a wide variety of foods and love trying new things, the four excellent restaurants onsite offer a ton of great breakfast, lunch, and dinner options to choose from.

Arrecife, their daily breakfast and dinner buffet was something to be desired and always had a ton of good options, including a great build-it-yourself omelet bar each morning. Their chef’s made me specialty veggie pancakes two of the mornings during my stay, which were delicious. The buffet’s assortment of bread and fruits was extensive and prepared fresh daily. Taco bars are set up each evening with fresh guacamole and salsas, as well as delicious dessert bars, inclusive of ice cream, fresh-baked cookies, and pastries. The mimosas at breakfast are the best, and I highly recommend it as a must-have. Unlimited food and drinks are available 24 hours a day during your stay at the resort. In any of the four restaurants, you can order any cocktail your heart desires, and they will bring it to you with no questions asked.

Tantizone is the snack bar, which in-between breakfast and dinner, serves a tasty lunch, with a menu inclusive of burgers, pizzas, and quesadillas. There is also a buffet set-up, offering additional options outside of the table menu. The resorts other two upscale restaurants require reservations to dine in them. Salo, which serves Mediterranean cuisine, was sexy in its decor and served a menu substantial in aphrodisiacs. Suki, a Japanese steakhouse and hibachi restaurant, was the best and my favorite dining option at the resort. I could of eaten there every single night and been happy. The menu offered a tasty variety of sushi, salads, and traditional Japanese dishes, and you can also make special reservations for hibachi. The chef was incredibly accommodating to my shellfish allergy and prepared all my foods separately the night we reserved for hibachi. The teriyaki vegetables and rice were simply fantastic. We sat next to this lovely Armenian couple who purchased an expensive bottle of red wine native to their country, which they insisted on sharing with us. It was an amazing and memorable dining experience my boyfriend, and I really enjoyed together. I absolutely recommend Suki to anyone who visits Desire. It is easily the best dining option the resort offers.

Probably the coolest part of Desire for us was their fantasy menu. For $150.00 USD, you can book a “Sex On The Beach” experience, which is truly one of a kind. A cabana situated on the sand is decorated in red curtains, romantic lighting, and has towel-swan origami dressing the bed. A bucket of ice with champagne and a platter of freshly dipped chocolate strawberries are left table-side for you and your lover to enjoy while laying back, listening to the sound of the waves and gazing up at stars in the night sky. It was an incredibly invigorating experience and definitely spiced up a night of lovemaking and connecting with my guy. It was unique and pushed the envelope for both of our comfort zones having sex outside where we could potentially be seen, but it made for an exciting adventure and made the price of what you pay to stay at a place like Desire much easier to swallow. Aside from the “Sex On The Beach” experience, you can also book other fantasy menu items, like the “Gazebo Of Passion” experience, which is the “Sex On The Beach” experience but also includes a private, oceanside dinner outside on a large gazebo overlooking the water. The menu is inclusive of fresh lobsters, exotic aphrodisiacs, and desserts to get you prepared and put you in the mood for “Sex on the Beach.” The fantasy menu also offers even more erotic options, too, like being able to purchase private strippers or have an erotic foursome massage.

We loved the Exotic Spa at Desire. It was luxurious, the staff was knowledgeable, and they provided us with top quality service during our visit. I had three spa treatments during my trip, two massages, and one hairstyle. I had my hair blown out and straightened by the most delightful stylist who did a fantastic job. It was a bit on the pricey side for just a style costing $65.00 USD, but she did a great job, so I was happy. I also purchased another 25-minute relaxing massage outside of the couples-only relaxing massage that came complimentary when I booked our stay. That cost me $90.00 USD and was worth every penny. The woman massage therapist I got for that treatment was amazing, and I left feeling great! We saved our couples massage for our last day at the resort and started the morning with it. It was lovely as expected, and afterward, we enjoyed time together in both the spas steam room and dry sauna, which were clean and spacious. Robes, lockers, and fresh herbal infused waters are provided to every guest, and you are sat down inside a cooled relaxation room while you wait for your therapist to get you for your treatment. Although the spa at Desire is a bit more on the expensive side, you definitely get what you pay for. The spas menu offers a ton of different exotic spa treatments like massages, facials, and exfoliating body treatments. They also provide some more unique options, like a four-handed massage experience, or a sexual massage that’s meant to turn you on and prep you and your partner to be left alone in a private jacuzzi inside the spa with each other. We opted not to try any erotic spa treatments on this trip, but from talking with other guests, it’s one thing that the resort does well, and people favor.

While Desire has a lot of really amazing qualities, there were a few things I found I did not love. The resorts gift shop is very overpriced. I realized when I arrived at the resort that I had forgotten to pack sunscreen. I am very fair-skinned and will burn without sunscreen, so I knew I had to suck it up and buy what the resort had to offer. For one bottle of Banana Boat SPF 50+, I was charged $38.00 USD. For one large bag of Lays Potato Chips, I was charged $10.00 USD. Basic flip flop sandals were starting at $80.00 USD – it was outrageous. If you visit Desire, be sure to remember to pack sunscreen, because buying it onsite is a rip-off and I would not do that again. I would also recommend packing bug spray if you want to spend time on the beach at night. During the day, it was fine, but at night the bugs came out and left my legs covered in itchy bites. Kill two birds with one stone by purchasing a travel pack containing both sunscreen and insect repellent!

A Desire vacation really does leave a lot to be desired. Its definitely one of the sexiest vacations you and your partner can take. This clothing-optional, all-inclusive beach resort is a must-visit for any adventurous couple looking to spice up their private life and explore something new together. My time at Desire helped me build so much confidence in myself and find a new appreciation for my own body, which has also helped bring my boyfriend and me closer together and feel more connected. Desire Resort is about intimacy and elevating your mind and opening your senses to new passions and endless possibilities. You have to have an open mind to visit a place like this and be able to have a good time. If you can afford to take the plunge, I highly recommend throwing this vacation on your bucket list.


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