Celebrating Vilnius – The 2nd annual 'Festival of Lights'

This past weekend, January 24-26th, Vilnius hosted its 2nd annual international Festival of Lights. The gathering invited out both the residents and guests of the capital, to come together and celebrate the birthday of their great city. Twenty-seven light installations were put on display all over the city for people to walk around and enjoy. Bridges, churches, buildings and sculptures were lit with brightly colored lights, music was being played in the streets, vendors set up stands to sell food, jewelry and various toys and gifts, and citizens and their families were drawn from their homes to join in the celebration.

From 6 P.M. to 11 P.M. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, the old town of Vilnius and its surroundings boasted some of the most fun, beautiful light installations I have ever seen. I am so glad I got to be here in Lithuania to experience this new tradition with its people. Throughout history, Lithuanian’s have had to fight long and hard for their freedom, and the people who are from here are truly proud to be from this city. Getting to walk around and see how many people this festival brought out and how everyone truly unites to celebrate the birth of Vilnius, was remarkable and something I will never forget.

I have posted some of my favorite photos from this year’s installations below for you to enjoy. By clicking the link above each of the photos, you will be directed to the festivals office site page, where you can find more detailed information on each individual installation and the meaning behind it. I hope these images inspire you to want to visit Vilnius someday and experience this wonderful celebration for yourself.

Vėjas Aliukas





Rūta Karalytė and Dovilė Lukoševičiūtė

Lazerių Projektai

Julija Janus and Adam Decolight


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