New Album Drop: Zz Taylor – LUVDRUGZ

Zz Taylors drop his newest album, Luvdrugz – and you need to hear it!

Have you guys heard Seattle rapper Zz Taylors newest project LUVDRUGZ yet? If not, you need to drop what you are doing and go stream it right now. The eclectic, haunted sounds that Taylor feeds us in his latest drop are both poetic and refreshing, bringing something a bit different to the table then everything else being played on the radio right now. The laid back, west coast vibe Taylor embodies is instantly noticeable as soon as you hit play on any of the nine tracks on the self produced, self written and self recorded album. All of the songs flow nicely, giving the overall project a great sense of continuity, allowing you to not only catch a vibe, but really ride it out. It’s that drop-the-top and cruise type of vibe we can appreciate most about Zz Taylor. His laid back, go with the flow attitude and creative use of auto tune make this artist one hundred percent somebody you need to watch out for. His sound remains both original and unmatched. Writing and producing all of his own stuff, the content will continue to be fresh and totally his own. Personally, I love this project and cannot wait for everyone to discover the talent that is Zz Taylor.

If you haven’t heard it yet, be sure to check out LUVDRUGZ which is available now, on all platforms.

“Roll up and vibe” – Zz Taylor

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