Six weeks spent living at the Radisson Blu Astorija Hotel

I was recently lucky enough to spend six weeks abroad in the beautiful city of Vilnius, Lithuania. While six weeks is a long time to live in a hotel room, I was incredibly happy with my stay at the Radisson Blu Astorija hotel situated directly in the heart of Vilnius’ Old Town district.

From top notch customer service, to great amenities and the perfect location within walking distance to several of the cities best tourist attractions, there are a ton of great reasons to choose this hotel if you are looking for a fantastic place to stay while visiting Vilnius.


  • It’s PERFECT location in Old Town – The Old Town section of Vilnius is one of the largest surviving medieval towns in Northern Europe and it is where many of the great tourist attractions are. You’ll really save yourself both a lot of time and money on transportation by staying in this great location.
  • The view from the hotel is AMAZING – The hotels building itself is beautiful with its authentic mid evil architecture. The building has been newly renovated on the inside, but it actually dates back as far as 1901. You’ll find yourself surrounded by old buildings, churches, courtyards, and cafes that will have you feeling like you stepped back in time. No matter what floor your room is on, the view outside the window is spectacular.
  • It’s ONLY 6 kilometers away from the Vilnius airport- From there, you can either take the bus, a taxi or Uber (for less then 10 euros) which is probably the easiest and most convenient.
  • The breakfast buffet is EXCELLENT – They serve a wide variety of delicious food and drinks, including fresh fruits, coffee and an array of breakfast items both hot and cold for you to start your day with. They have something for everybody, including vegetarian and vegan options.
  • The front desk staff is FANTASTIC- The hotel is considered to be a 5-star hotel, so you know the service is going to be top notch. The font desk staff are always friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. They will go above and beyond to make you feel welcome and safe at all times.
  • The hotels amenities are WONDERFUL – They have a beautiful pool, sauna and fitness center on site which are all great! The facilities were never crowded and always very clean. Changing rooms and lockers are also provided as well as clean towels, robes and slippers. The hotel also offers free coffee and WiFi for all guests during the duration of your stay.
  • The on-site spa is EXCELLENT – Provanso Kvapai Spa is on the bottom level of the hotel and is absolutely wonderful. You can take the hotel elevator right to the spa without ever having to step outside. Their menu consists of many different massage and relaxation rituals, facials and warm aromatherapy bath options. The staff are friendly and the treatment rooms always clean.It is a great environment if you are looking for a peaceful spa experience.
  • The rooms are spacious and COMFORTABLE – I had a regular room on the 5th floor of the hotel, so I had a great view outside my double windows! The room came equipped with a big, comfortable bed, an LCD TV with cable, WiFi, a private bathroom including all toiletries which housekeeping would restock daily, robes & a hair dryer, a desk and chair, safety deposit box, and a fully stocked minibar.
  • The on-site Astorija Brasserie Restaurant is DELICIOUS- Choose to indulge in some traditional french cuisines such as salade niçoise, or go for some traditional american cuisine like Margarita Pizza, whatever you choose this place will accommodate. They have a great selection of dishes including options for children, a great drink menu and room service is also available for an additional fee.
  • The Astorija Bar is a DON’T MISS – What could be better than getting the best view of the Old Town with an excellent liquor on hand? This full-service bar offers great drink options, a full menu of entrees, pastries and delicious desserts.
  • The hotel has many options for NEARBY parking – Public self-parking is available in front of hotel, as well as the surrounding areas for an additional fee. Speak with hotel staff and they will assist with any parking inquiries you may have. They will ensure your vehicle is kept safe while it is parked.

“My definition of a good hotel is a place I’d stay at.” – Robert De Niro

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