Atlanta’s best weekend Getaway in nature

With a global pandemic ruling our lives for the last few months it’s safe to say for many stress levels have been at an all time high. With so much chaos and uncertainty happening all around us, I know I’ve been feeling overwhelmed a lot lately and really wanted to find a way to escape for a few days. I’ve been nervous to travel since the Covid-19 pandemic began back in March, shutting everything down across not only the country, but all over the globe. Learning how to slow down and unwind has always been hard for me since I come from living in a big city and have always had a rush and go mentality, but lately needing to relax has become a reality I needed to take some time to make happen. So after doing a lot of searching for weekend getaways, I came across the Getaway site, a nature filled tiny cabin in the woods experience secluded and meant for truly relaxing in a unique space all your own.

I decided to book my boyfriend and I a night away at the Atlanta Getaway cabins. I thought a night unwinding together in nature would be a peaceful escape and exactly what we needed to relax together and escape the chaos of reality. Getaway ensures your trips location to be within a two hour drive from whatever major city you book in that they offer the experience. Your cabins location is given to you a few days before your arrival along with a key code to check yourself in when you arrive. The check-in process was very easy and Getaway has amazing, responsive and helpful customer service if you do need assistance.

Our Getaway cabin was located in Suches, Georgia and was an easy drive from our place in Atlanta. Check-in is the standard 3:00 PM, the same as most hotels. Check out is always at 11:00 AM. Normally they allow early check-ins if you request it ahead of time, but due to the additional cleaning measures put in place because of Covid-19, an early check-in wasn’t allowed this time around. When we finally arrived at our cabin, we were delighted at what we found.

We opted for the one bed cabin, although Getaway also offers two bed bunked cabins as well. The place was spotless when we entered, and we were pleased at how neat and well organized everything was. For such a small space, it’s set up perfectly and has everything you need for a comfortable weekend away.

The kitchen area

The cabin is inclusive of air conditioning, a mini fridge, small cooktop with pots and pans, as well as dishes, utensils and drink ware. There is even a small mini bar with options like pasta and tomato sauce, Swedish fish and Tate’s mini chocolate chip cookies available for purchase. There was also a radio, books, and games for your enjoyment. My favorite addition to the trip was the s’mores pack that the Getaway team provided us with, and they were delicious around the night time camp fire.

Since the Getaway cabins are pet friendly, we decided to bring our Shiba Inu along with us for our weekend escape. He loves hiking and getting outside, so we figured he’d love the Getaway experience too! It was so nice to see the Getaway team give pets some special attention and make the experience just a special for them as for you! Our cabin came equipped with dog bowls, poop bags, and delicious s’mores doggie treats for my pup to enjoy around the campfire with the rest of us. The picnic table outside had a dog run tied to it too, so we could just tie up our pup and let him roam around outside with a bit of freedom which was great.

We enjoyed great time outdoors together, hanging around the campfire, hiking, and just relaxing in nature. It was such a peaceful weekend away, and we are grateful to the Getaway team for being such wonderful hosts and making sure our weekend away was the best it could be. If you are looking for a relaxing weekend escape, I’d highly recommend this experience for you!

“There’s no wifi in the mountains, but you’ll find no better connection.”

– Anonymous

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