Why the Four Seasons Beverly Hills is the best place to daycation in Los Angeles

I recently took some time off and flew out to LA for a few days for some my me time! Work has been insane so when the boss offered us to take a few days off, I jumped at the chance! Sometimes a girl just needs to relax and enjoy a few fabulous days away with great friends, good drinks and spa services that allow for the stress to just melt away.

The Four Seasons hotel and spa did just that, it was amazing! I decided to book a weekday daycation and spend a full day alone, laying poolside and being pampered in their luxury spa. How could I go wrong with good food, good drinks, beautiful views and truly excellent service? The Four Seasons is known for having exceptional customer service and I can say from experience, I’ve never received anything but wonderful service when I’ve stayed in one of their hotel locations.

The Four Seasons Beverly Hills was absolutely beautiful. From the second you pulled into the entrance and got out of your car, it was stunning. Their was lush greenery everywhere and a giant Marilyn Monroe statue on display at the front doors of the hotel giving you that true Hollywood feel. Walking inside, the beautiful colors were expansive and inviting and felt light and fresh while still feeling very high end.

As I made my way upstairs in the elevator and to the pool deck, I checked in with the concierge who directed me to the locker rooms where I could change and lock up my belongings for the day in a secure locker. The women’s locker rooms were clean, and offered the same classic, fresh feel the rest of the hotel provides. There was a pitcher of fresh water with clean glasses available as well as changing stalls, restrooms and lockers that actually locked.

Gold elevators give the place a elegant feel at the Four Seasons hotel Beverly Hills

Just being in this hotel makes you feel a little bit like a Hollywood star, and it’s really the hotels fine attention to detail and high expectations for good customer service that will keep you wanting to come back time and time again. You can tell the effort was made to make guests feel as though they have stepped into a world nothing short of spectacular.

Out at the pool deck I was lead to my own lounge chair with a overhead umbrella for shade, large pool towel and small side table. A menu to order food and drinks was also available via QR code. I love the fact that the hotel also offers a covered outdoor gym available to all hotel and day pass guests. It was such a wonderful area to get in a morning workout with great views of the pool while being fully surrounded by lush greenery. I’ve never experienced an open air gym before, so this definitely left a lasting impression.

Taking a look at their poolside menu, I decided to go with the avocado toast and a fruity mimosa (it’s never to early for day drinking on vacation, duh) which were both delicious. I sipped my drink while sitting in the pool and also their outdoor hot tub. My favorite thing about the pool deck at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills is you feel as though you are on the beach or somewhere tropical as soon as you step outside, all the while still being in heart of Beverly Hills with city skyline views.

Everything on the pool deck was clean, sanitized and kept fresh for guests all throughout the day. While the crowed did seem to increase as the day went on, it never felt crowded or noisy and busy. About halfway through the afternoon the concierge came over to escort me inside to the hotels spa for an afternoon massage and pedicure. If you have never had a massage at the Four Seasons you are truly missing out. All of their products are wonderful, and the massage therapist was diligent, kind and took note of the problem areas I asked to focus on. I left the massage feeling renewed and relaxed just as I had hoped I would.

Walking into the private pedicure lounge was also an experience of its own, with the large seating and oversized soaking tubs, to the double doors that open up directly looking down to the streets of Beverly Hills below, it was stunning. The pedicure was relaxing and soothing and we topped it off with a beautiful gel polish. I had wonderful conversation with the spa technician too, laughing a lot and talking of life and travels which made the time spent, really well spent. It was overall such a wonderful experience and I will absolutely be back next time I am in Los Angeles.

So overall, would I recommend a daycation at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills? Absolutely! For less then $300 USD I was able to book a full day at their award winning spa with a 50 minute custom massage, deluxe pedicure and a private use of a lounge chair and umbrella by the pool with a $25 food credit and free glass of champagne! That is a steal anywhere in L.A., and here you are getting a near 5 star experience. If you ever get the chance, give the hotel a call or check them out online and inquire about their weekly day pass specials. For the price they are charging, the experience is a steal for anyone looking to enjoy a relaxing day lounging poolside, sipping delicious drinks and enjoying a lush, luxury space with top notch service and a refreshing energy you won’t want to miss!

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